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A New Year Means a Fresh Start

Unveiling starts with one critical factor and that is clarity.  Before you rush into a crowded marketplace, you need to be really clear about the value you bring to your audiences.

Maybe all you want to do is get out there and speak but it’s actually not about you, it’s about providing solid stay-behind value to not only the people in the audience but to the person who pays you to speak.  And those two needs might be different.  Be clear about your value and get clear on what the buyer wants by asking the relevant questions.

You need to do more than rev people up these days, you need to provide them with a clear direction and an action plan as well.  All speakers, much like writers and musicians, who want to make a mark needs to master marketing and sales skills in order to reach their goals.  When reviewing your business plan for the year ahead, ask yourself what is the one thing you could change that would make the biggest difference?   How would you personally rate yourself on your platform skills; on the strength of your marketing message; on the design of your promo materials; on the feedback you get from audiences?  Where do you excel and what still needs work? It’s that kind of self-reflection and then action that separates the successful speaker from the wannabe.